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PROGRESS: New Zealand to Ban Live Animal Exports

This morning, New Zealand’s Minister of Agriculture announced that the country will ban live animal exports starting in 2023, after a phase-out period of two years.
April 14, 2021

“At the heart of our decision is maintaining New Zealand’s reputation for high standards of animal welfare,” he said.

WHAT IS LIVE ANIMAL TRANSPORT?: “Live animal transport”, also known as “live animal exports,” is a horrific practice in which animals are packed by the hundreds or thousands onto massive ships where they will be transported, sometimes for days, overseas to be sold for meat or wool. Due to the conditions and temperatures on board, many don’t survive these grueling journeys, and dead or dying animals are sometimes simply tossed overboard into the ocean. 

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A DECISION LONG OVERDUE: New Zealand’s announcement comes shortly after Animal Equality reported on two transport ships full of calves that were stuck at sea for nearly three months after being rejected from multiple countries due to a suspected disease. The animals on board were ultimately euthanized. 

Animal Equality is thrilled about New Zealand’s decision to ban live exports, and our team in Spain is working diligently to push for a ban in the country as well. 

We demand that Spain follow in New Zealand’s footsteps and prohibit the export of animals to countries outside the European Union. The recent scandal involving the ships Karim Allah and Elbeik has highlighted the need to ban these exports because they cannot guarantee animal welfare.

Silvia Barquero, Director, Animal Equality Spain

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WHAT YOU CAN DO: While Animal Equality Spain, Animal Equality UK, and other activists in the European Union work to ban this horrific practice, you can help animals suffering here in the U.S., too. Even when transported domestically, animals raised for food are forced into extreme confinement on trucks in all temperatures, sometimes going for days without food or water. They will then be met with a terrifying death at the slaughterhouse. The best way you can ensure you’re not supporting cruelty is by simply leaving all animal- derived products off your plate! Going plant-based is now easier than ever. 

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