New Study Links Meat To Kidney Cancer

People who eat a greater amount of grilled meat (both red and white), had a higher risk of getting cancer.

A new study conducted by the University of Texas says that people who eat meat have a higher risk of getting cancer. This time, kidney cancer.

And we’re not just talking about “red meat” as many other studies have already shown, but this new study warns that the so called “white meat” such as chicken meat, can also cause cancer.

Dr. Xifeng Wu, professor of epidemiology and lead investigator of the study stated, “We have found elevated cancer risks in both meat consumption and the cooking process of the meat, which creates carcinogens, suggesting independent risks that are added to cooking and eating the flesh.”

Dr. Wu and his team studied 659 patients diagnosed with renal cancer at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas, and those patients were compared with 699 people with the same profile without a cancer diagnosis. They investigated which types of meat they consumed, how they were cooking them, and what type of genetic material they had, in case there were people presenting higher genetic risks of contracting the disease.

They found that people who eat a greater amount of grilled meat (both red meat and white), had a higher risk of cancer, as stated in The Journal of Cancer Research.

They also found that people with kidney cancer ate fewer fruits and vegetables.

Cancer experts have long known that cooking meat on the grill or barbecue can turn it into carcinogens due to the substances that are generated.

Dr. Wu’s team has written that “consumption patterns in Western diets consist in the intake of red and processed meats. Findings in this study suggest that the association between these patterns of consumption can be partly explained by the exposure of carcinogens produced during cooking of the meat.”

This study aligns with the recent study by the World Health Organization claiming that the intake of red and processed meat is a potential cause of cancer.

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