New Shocking Investigation Into the Italian Pig Industry

Animal Equality collaborates with an Italian TV program to show millions of people shocking cruelty in several Italian pig farms and slaughterhouses

For several months, Animal Equality has worked closely and intensively with the Italian program ‘AnnoUno’ to launch a never-seen-before investigation into the Italian pig industry. The program broadcasted on Thursday, May 21 on channel ‘La7’ and was watched live by 1.020.936 people.

Following this presentation, Animal Equality launched an exclusive report with Italian newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’ showing new distressing footage of the reality experienced by millions of pigs in factory farms and slaughterhouses in Italy.

The footage obtained by our undercover investigators shows:

• Sows inseminated artificially in tiny crates where they will be forced to live throughout the pregnancy, and most of their lives.
• Piglets crushed and thrown into the trash.
• Pigs crammed in the dirt, living amongst urine and feces.
• Diseases and severe injuries that went untreated (such as serious rectal prolapses and hernias).

Over 10 million pigs are slaughtered yearly in Italy for their meat in conditions similar to the ones exposed by this investigation.

“The investigation team has obtained undercover footage of what happens to pigs during slaughter as well as pictures of how these animals are treated in pig farms. These animals life begins with mother pigs being artificially inseminated in gloomy sheds that they never leave. Their life end on a hook in a slaughterhouse.” Matteo Cupi, Executive Director of Animal Equality in Italy.