Manager of El Escobar Pig Farm Arrested


Yesterday the Spanish Authorities arrested the manager in charge at the Farm El Escobar. The Spanish Authorities have already arrested four people related to the case.

Just 48 hours after Animal Equality issued the terrible images of brutality to animals on the Farm El Escobar, three people were arrested for their involvement in the documented events. The arrest of the three farmers who were filmed smashing iron bars over the heads’ of pigs, and attacking and killing the animals with swords, was confirmed yesterday by the Spanish Authorities. A week later, the manager of the farm has also been arrested for an alleged offense of animal abuse.

The investigations began on the 21 of February when the video was made public by Animal Equality. The  Spanish Authorities inspected the facilities, with veterinary staff.

These actions could constitute an offense of animal abuse, which can carry a sentence of up to one year’s imprisonment.