Leala The Pit Bull Saves The Life Of His Friend, Little Alexander

When two-year old Alexander fell into a dam, his beloved pit bull came to the rescue.

During a family barbecue, no one realized that Alexander was missing, except for Leala, the family dog. The two-year-old fell in a dam and was near death. Leala, his faithful friend, alerted Alexander’s father.

This took place in New South Wales, Australia. Little Alexander walked away without anyone noticing and fell into a dam. He was unconscious and near death, which would’ve happened if it wasn’t for their faithful four-legged friend. Leala was adopted by the Kenney family in 2008. Alexander’s parents saved her life, and she returned the favor by saving their son’s life.

When Leala desperately warned Alexander’s father David Kennedy, she was soaking wet, which makes us think she tried to save the little one from the water herself. Unable to do so, she desperately ran to call David’s attention. Alexander’s father saved him from the dam and practiced first aid for 27 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Alexander was airlifted to Lady Cilento Hospital, in the Australian city of Brisbane. There, he was induced to a coma and was in intensive care for 36 agonizing hours. The doctors informed his parents that Alexander had little chances of surviving and if he did, it would be with a severe brain damage.

However, Alexander woke up 48 hours later surprising the doctors. Doctors at the hospital said that the miraculous recovery happened thanks to the rapid action of Leala and his father’s intensive care.

Lisa Kenney, Alexander’s mother said: “we have to thank it all to our precious Leala. It was her who got into the dam and then warned David. If it were not for her, we wouldn’t have our beloved son with us today.”

Photos: easypets.fr