Lagardère Affirms Commitment to Protect Hens from Cruel Cages

Lagardère joins Burger King and Autogrill in showing the restaurant sector that extremely confining animals is unnecessary and unnatural.

Following dialogue with Animal Equality, Lagardère Travel Retail, which controls several restaurant chains in major airports in Italy, has issued a policy affirming that the hens used in the company’s egg supply chain will not suffer in tiny wire cages. The policy applies to all of Lagardère’s brands, including BriccoCafé, Culto, Decanto, Homeburger, Ristop, Rustichelli Mangione, Casa del Gusto and Bottega dei Sapori.

As documented by Animal Equality’s undercover investigation into Italian egg factory farms, birds in cages suffer terribly, deprived of any possibility to express their natural behaviors such as scratching the ground and dust-bathing. Birds step only on wire cages, never dirt or grass, causing soreness in their feet and emotional stress.

Lagadere’s policy, which states that cages are “absolutely not in line with the values of the company and its consumers,” reinforces the fact that Italian consumers will not tolerate animal cruelty. If you agree, please join our team of Animal Defenders to help convince companies to ban cages. Together, we can end this cruel practice once and for all.