Investigators from Animal Equality Capture Never Before Seen Footage from Inside Mexico’s Cruel Dairy Industry

Animal Equality becomes the first organization to gain access to the dairy industry in Mexico and reveals shocking cruelty.

Animal Equality released images documenting the standard practices used in milk production in Mexico, revealing that it inflicts the worst type of abuse on cows and calves raised in the dairy industry. This is the first time an animal advocacy organization has ever gained access to Mexican dairy farms and revealed what happens inside this secretive industry.

What the investigation reveals is an endless cycle of abuse evident in images of:

  • Calves being born and cruelly taken away to avoid having them drink their mother’s milk.
  • Forced artificial insemination of cows so they continue to produce milk.
  • Newborn calves brutally locked in cold and filthy cages.
  • Dehorning of adult cows, a practice that has been banned in other countries.
  • Tail docking, also banned in other countries.
  • Branding of cows with hot iron and without anesthesia, which causes serious and painful injuries to the animals.
  • Cows being forced to swallow magnets to pick up the metals in their stomachs from the consumption of contaminated food.
  • Injured, infected, and bleeding udders caused by the mechanical milking.
  • Cows suffering from injuries and infections on different parts of their bodies, which receive no veterinary care.
  • The killing of cows with low milk production levels in government-owned slaughterhouses.

Dulce Ramírez, Executive Director of Animal Equality Mexico, said, “It’s time to strengthen the law in Mexico to prevent abuses against farmed animals. Animal cruelty must be treated as a crime.”

She added, “Animals used in factory farming are treated like machines – beaten, electrocuted, brutally stabbed, locked inside filthy cages – while the industry completely ignores their suffering.”

These images prove that Mexico seriously lags behind other countries in terms of farmed animal protection laws. Until there is a law that prohibits the use of cruel practices on factory farms, animal abuse will continue to happen.

With this new investigation, Animal Equality adds momentum to our petition that was delivered to the Federal Government and to the Senate of Mexico in December to modify the federal legislation and make the abuse of farmed animals a crime.

Please help us put an end to this cruelty by replacing dairy products in your diet.