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How We Can Win The Battle Against the Cruel Meat Industry

If someone treated our dogs and cats the way they treat farmed animals they would end up in jail.
March 6, 2017 Updated: July 12, 2022

However, pigs, calves, lambs, chickens, cows, and other farmed animals suffer horrific abuses only to be slaughtered in the end. Yet, those who mistreat these animals are rarely prosecuted under the law or even frowned upon by society. Why is this? 

To begin with, the suffering of these animals is hidden from the public. Few have seen inside a slaughterhouse and the media rarely reports on the very frequent abuses that occur. 

Second, farmed animals have little in the way of legal protections as so their mistreatment usually goes unchecked.  

But, perhaps, the most complex point is that the abuse is so widespread, so institutionalized and originates from a link that makes us uncomfortable: us, the consumers. 

Those who eat animal products are enabling this abuse. 

There is no way to raise millions of animals under industrial conditions without abuse.

Animals are roughly handled. They are castrated without medical care. They are chased prodded with electric shocks. Hung upside down violently. And then have their throats slit leaving them do die agonizing deaths

To fix a problem like this we have to look at the last link of this chain: consumers.

The food industry, like any industry, responds to the law of supply and demand. If consumers decide to demand another type of product, the industry will supply it. This is exactly what’s happened with plant-based milks. These products went from being sold only in specialized health food stores to most major supermarkets all around the world. 

And the same is happening with meat and egg products!

If we really want to help end farmed animal suffering we have to take change our habits. The change starts with you! 

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