Historical Sentence In Spain Sends Horse Abuser To Prison


Three years ago Eugeni Sánchez was deadly beating his horse, Sorky das Pont, after a race at Mancor racecourse in Mallorca, Spain. Sánchez has now been sentenced to 8 months in prison.

The convicted admitted that on December 30, 2012, he was angry because Sorky didn’t win the “trot” race, and that was the reason he beat him to death. In a historical sentence in Spain, Judge Maria Jesus Campos said: “the death of this healthy horse can only be explained as disrespect for life (which could’ve lasted longer) and finishing with his life in such way caused a slow and agonizing death, he was mistreated and this is unjustified and unnecessary.”

“The atrocious death of this racing horse is an aberration in the XXI century and the outrage of Mallorca citizens is justified and legitimate” she added.

The work of the Balearic Association of Lawyers for Animal Rights (ABADA) is noteworthy; they opposed to Eugeni Sanchez having any benefits during his prison sentence. ABADA reports that even though the sentence can still be appealed by the defense attorney, it is the first final judgment in Spain that may send an animal abuser to jail.

This decision is just another example of how people are against animal abuse in our society. At the same time, it’s a warning for all animal abusers, who see their impunity is over. Mistreating animals nowadays can result in imprisonment for anyone who abuses them.