Having a Hard Time Eliminating Meat From Your Plate? Start By Reducing Your Consumption!

Next time you go grocery shopping try this: go to the food section and look around. Wherever you stand, it’s very likely you’ll see a meat-based product.

It isn’t because we are omnivores, it’s because the meat industry fills up our nearby stores with products from factory farms. The same factory farms that are the main contributors to climate change and the worst types of animal abuse.

To be omnivores doesn’t mean that our diets must be based on meat and fish. It means that we can obtain all the nutrients our body needs from a wide diversity of foods. In fact, basing our diets on vegetables and meat alternatives is healthier and better for everyone.

Nicholas Stern, president of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, affirms that a sustainable world must be vegetarian because of the great amounts of wasted water and greenhouse gasses produced to obtain meat products.

In a speech, he explained, “if everything continues the same, temperatures will rise by up to five degrees in a century, and Southern Europe will be a desert. To be a carnivore will be unacceptable, just like drunk driving is today.

But if you find that eliminating meat from your diet is too hard, you may want to start by reducing your meat consumption instead. There are countries like Holland that recommend the reduction of meat consumption to twice a week. Others, like China, aim to reduce their meat consumption by 50%.

International health institutions have been advising us to increase our intake of vegetables, legumes, cereals, and fruits, and decrease our meat consumption because eating meat has become a public health issue.

In fact, millions of people around the world are living proof that with a vegetarian diet, we can live well and be healthy!

Today is a good day to try it, isn’t it?

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Photo: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock