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Denny’s faces mounting pressure to eliminate crates for pigs, Reuters reports

In collaboration with Animal Equality, global media outlet Reuters released an article highlighting the increased pressure on Denny’s to eliminate crates for pregnant pigs.
May 7, 2024 Updated: May 14, 2024
pig in gestation crate pig in gestation crate

Yesterday, following collaboration with Animal Equality, global media outlet Reuters reported on the increasing pressure Denny’s is receiving to end the use of crates for pregnant pigs. The corporation is currently facing a growing nationwide campaign by Animal Equality and an upcoming investors meeting on May 15 for a shareholder vote on the issue. 

A proposal by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a shareholder in Denny’s, was submitted ahead of the meeting. The proposal validated the work of advocates who have been demanding for over a year that the corporation end the use of crates as the corporation promised to do ten years ago. As cited by the proposal and Animal Equality’s campaign, Denny’s has failed to make “meaningful progress” despite this public promise.

Now, Denny’s faces a shareholder vote that could finally push the corporation to set targets and timelines for reducing or eliminating the use of crates in its supply chain. Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)—an “influential proxy advisory firm”—has supported HSUS’s proposal. After analyzing its policies, ISS flagged how Denny’s adjusted its language to “significantly weaken its transparency” surrounding its commitment regarding the issue.

We remain optimistic that Animal Equality’s strong campaign and the shareholder vote will result in progress for pregnant pigs trapped in cages inside Denny’s supply chain. We will continue to speak up for animals and consumers concerned for their well-being until Denny’s does what is right and ends this practice.

Sharon Núñez

The mounting pressure by Animal Equality

Denny’s shareholder meeting is scheduled as Animal Equality’s campaign against the corporation comes to a head. For over a year, the organization has rallied advocates across the country to urge the company to eliminate crates for pigs, which it committed to doing over a decade ago. 

Photo representative of a farm that uses gestation crates

By abandoning its promise, Denny’s is allowing pregnant pigs to live in extreme confinement inside cages barely larger than their own bodies. These so-called gestation crates have been described as if a human were forced to live in an airplane seat. The animals cannot turn around, take more than a step forward or backward, socialize with other animals, or build nests in preparation for birth as they would in the wild. They suffer from high rates of stress and injury inside the tiny crates, oftentimes banging their heads against the bars in distress. 

Piglet in a factory farm


Pigs, cows, and other animals feel pain and deserve to be protected from abuse.

You can protect these intelligent animals by simply choosing plant‑based alternatives.

Denny’s lack of corporate responsibility sparked a campaign by Animal Equality, which has been increasing its pressure for the past year. The campaign has continued across the country with eighteen nationwide protests, over 53,000 messages sent by consumers and numerous contact attempts by Animal Equality.

Despite increasing calls for a policy and a statement from Denny’s acknowledging “the importance of progressing towards more humane practices,” the company is choosing to remain silent on the issue. This is forcing the corporation to fall way behind other restaurant chains, like McDonald’s, Chipotle and Burger King, which have already committed to reducing or eliminating crates for pigs. 

You can take a stand against Denny’s

It’s more important than ever for you to speak up for pigs in Denny’s supply chain as the company faces an important vote. You can protect pregnant pigs from life inside of a cage by taking simple, online actions today. Let Denny’s know you care about animals and this issue:

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