Cruelty Exposed at a Macaque Breeding and Supply Facility in Spain

A new Animal Equality investigation reveals the shocking cruelty and suffering of macaques at the Camarles monkey farm, in Spain.

Animal Equality reveals the shocking cruelty and suffering of macaques at the Camarles monkey farm, in Spain.

Each year, between 1,500 and 2,000 macaques arrive at the center from the island of Mauritius. On the island, wild monkeys are captured in baited forest cage traps and held in their thousands on mass breeding farms. Here they are confined in concrete enclosures, without vegetation or comforts.

Their offspring are transported by the cargo company, Aeronova, and major international airline, Air France. In the cargo holds of passenger planes, the animals are confined in small wooden crates.

The journey from Mauritius to Spain takes around 12 hours and covers more than 10,000 kilometers. Many of the monkeys are sent to laboratories carrying out cruel animal experiments.


His leg was tattooed upon arrival. He had been captured in the jungles of Mauritius whilst foraging for food. After being trapped, he was held captive on a farm owned by the company, Noveprim, on Mauritius. He stayed there for several months along with other monkeys who, like him, had been separated from their families.

With the findings of this investigation, Animal Equality aims to reveal of life for monkeys used by the research industry – a reality that is concealed by the industry itself. 

Animal Equality is launching a global petition to close the Camarles center, and will also be demanding that Air France and Aeronova – two companies responsible for transporting these animals to their fate – will end their involvement in this brutal trade.