Cruel Video Shows Circus Bears Forced to Skip and Baboons in Tracksuits Roller Skating

North Korea
A video of a circus show where rollerskating baboons and skipping bears are forced to perform up to three times a day, has emerged from North Korea. Filmed in secret by a western visitor to the country, the clip shows how the Communist pariah state still allows the type of animal shows banned in most of the world generations ago.

As a bear skips over two sets of skipping ropes in a gaudy outfit, one of the ropes catches his fur and he shudders, backing away quickly from the trainers.

But they force him to continue jumping up and down in a cruel fashion. The baboons, dressed in blue and white jumpsuits, are forced to skate down a slide on roller blades, and throwing balls into basketball nets.

The 3,500 onlookers smiled and laughed as the bears followed the commands of their trainers – eventually showing their approval with synchronized clapping at the end of the performance.

The bears are caught in the forests of North Korea and trained for the show.

Baboons are highly social animals suffer from debilitating loneliness and depression when isolated from other monkeys.

Many bear cubs are taken from the wild die before the training begins because of the stress of capture, the grueling transportation conditions, starvation, dehydration and rough handling. The ones who survive have the tops of their muzzles pierced with hot needles and a rope threaded through the holes – they are then forced to stand on their hind legs and perform under threat of punishment.

‘These and other animal acts are outdated and have no place in any civilized society.’