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Chicken Factory Farms Hazardous for North Carolina Residents

Surry County residents shared some of the issues they have to endure due to living near a chicken factory farm – such as burning throats and polluted waterways.
January 29, 2016 Updated: August 10, 2022

We already know how awful factory farms are for animals, but they are also affecting the surrounding neighborhoods. Surry County residents Terry and Mary Marshall shared some of the issues they have to endure due to living near a chicken factory farm – which includes burning throats, a foul odor, harmful gas emissions, polluted waterways, and airborne dust particles.

Poultry waste is becoming a dangerous hazard for those living nearby, as well as for the environment. Even though the conditions of factory farms are jeopardizing the health of residents, North Carolina’s poultry production board does not want to make any changes.

According to VegNews, Will Scott of the environmental group Yadkin Riverkeeper stated that North Carolina’s poultry production board has pushed against tighter laws because it would potentially hurt the $34 billion industry. Since there are no protections for residents, Mary Marshall is lobbying for future farms to be stationed away from residential areas and a way to reduce the pollution.

While we appreciate the couple for bringing attention to this problem, the best way to protect your health and the environment would be to help end factory farming altogether.


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