Carrefour Launches A Line Of Meat Substitutes In France

Carrefour joins the trend of meat substitutes that are popping up around the world by launching its own line of products.

The supermarket chain Carrefour, in collaboration with the Vegetarian Association of France, has launched its own line of meat substitutes. The products in this new line will be named “Carrefour Veggie“.

The variety includes 16 new products with vegetable proteins as its base. It will consist of steaks, hamburgers, croquettes, nuggets, and falafel. The French company has even avoided the use of palm oil and preservatives, advised by the French Vegetarian Association.

As these products become available to the general public, it’s evident that Carrefour has studied the market, and confirms the unstoppable rise of meat alternatives. It is not known yet whether the “Carrefour Veggie” line will expand to other countries, but it is expected that the company is considering the possibility.