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Calves and Horses Violently Abused in Rodeos

Footage of rodeo horses receiving electric shocks to perform have surfaced among other allegations of workers tampering with surrounding cameras placed to thwart abuse.
July 10, 2012 Updated: July 1, 2022
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Cowboys were found to be ‘messing’ with overhead cameras the rodeo installed after the group released similar video in 2011.

The ‘Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’ allows electric shocks. The group’s video also showed two running calves who were roped around the neck and flipped over on their backs.

One calf’s rear leg was injured and the animal is seen hobbling out of the arena. The other calf’s neck appeared to break as the contestant continues to tie its legs, and the animal was loaded into a pickup for removal.

Rodeo spokesman, Steve Schroeder, stated that “the two injuries in the calf-roping competition were unfortunate incidents that sometimes happen at rodeos”.




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