California School All-Vegan Lunch Menu

The Muse School in Calabasas, California is changing the typical school lunch by developing the first all-vegan lunch menu in the country.

It’s crucial to educate children on the importance of nutrition, especially of a plant-based diet. If they’re aware of where their food comes from and the nutritional facts, then they will ultimately make better choices.

Created by director James Cameron, the Muse School in Calabasas is teaching its students how to grow their own food as part of their curriculum. Students grow all the vegetables on campus that will be featured in their lunches.

Fifth-grader Emma Leyson told CBS Los Angeles, “Everything we grow, we pretty much eat for lunch.”

This not only allows the students to eat healthily but also gives them the opportunity to learn and be part of the process of growing their own foods. It’s a wonderful learning lesson that they will have for life.

Paul Hudak, who runs the school’s program, has worked closely with a master chef to prepare a variety of vegan choices that will give the students a balanced diet and has also banned food from outside sources. Before the new and improved menu was released, the staff held lectures and seminars to educate parents that you do not need meat and dairy products to receive optimum protein or calcium. A plant-based diet can provide all the nutrients needed to thrive.

We absolutely love this achievement! Children our are future; they need to be educated on making better food choices for their health, the animals, and the planet.