Breaking! Animal Equality Films Workers Beating Pigs on a British Farm

United Kingdom

Animal Equality has today released shocking scenes of animal abuse filmed on Fir Tree pig farm in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, which is owned by Elsham Linc – one of Britain’s largest pig producers.

The investigation, which came on the back of an anonymous tip-off, revealed serious and repeated violent abuse of the animals by several members of staff, including:

  • Kicking pigs in the face and head, often violently and repeatedly, with over 100 incidents of kicking recorded in 10 days.
  • Jabbing pigs repeatedly with the tines of a mucking out fork.
  • Transporting an injured pig in the bucket of a tractor and hitting it repeatedly (by kicking and with a gate) when it couldn’t move into a pen.
  • Spraying marker paint directly up a pig’s nose.
  • Slamming gates on pigs’ heads.
  • Hitting pigs in the face and head with heavy plastic boards (pig boards).
  • Workers laughing about the abuse and swearing at pigs.
  • Leaving a ‘downed’ pig without veterinary care for 48 hours before shooting him.