Barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival Has Begun in China

The controversial festival, which promotes the slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats in China, begins today (June 21st) and has sparked a massive public outcry.

THE DETAILS: Started in 2009 to help boost dog meat sales in China, the Yulin Dog Meat Festival painfully slaughters thousands of dogs and cats during the event, as well as in the days leading up to it. Some dogs and cats are even stolen from their owners or taken from the streets before being brutally killed. According to Humane Society International, the city of Yulin had no history of mass dog slaughter and consumption before the festival was created.

PROTESTS: The festival has rightly generated huge protests and condemnations, including from celebrities. Ricky Gervais, Simon Cowell, and Dame Judy Dench are just some of animal-loving stars who have spoken out against this cruel and violent festival. The activism to end the event is not just from influential voices outside the country. Most Chinese citizens do not see the festival as part of their tradition, and most do not eat dog meat, leaving one Chinese activist called Mei to comment, “please don’t waste your breath calling dog eating Chinese culture. It is not our culture to steal people’s pets. It is not our culture to eat dogs.”

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Our investigations into several slaughterhouses and the dog meat markets in China led to the closure by Chinese authorities of 33 stalls and a dog slaughterhouse based in Guangdong Province, but there is still so much more work to be done. As the Yulin Dog Meat Festival begins today, thousands of animals will continue to suffer needlessly until this horrible event is shut down. Help us make that a reality by sharing this blog and signing our petition below.