Animal Equality’s Work Leads to Major Changes for Animals in Jalisco

After a historic vote by the Mexican state of Jalisco’s Congress, cruelty against farmed animals in the state is now a crime.

THE DETAILS: During last week´s plenary session of the Jalisco Congress, an overwhelming majority of lawmakers approved Jalisco Without Cruelty,  a historic initiative making cruelty to farmed animals a crime punishable by up to 4 years in prison and prevents those found guilty of working with farmed animals for 3 years. In the case of a repeat crime, it also bars abusers from working with animals again. The initiative, originally presented by deputy Salvador Caro Cabrera on February 20th, was created in response to the findings of Animal Equality’s investigation into Jalisco’s slaughterhouses and a year of campaigning in the State.

A HISTORIC DAY: For the first time, the protection and welfare of animals killed for food have been considered by Mexican legislation. The initiative also forces slaughterhouses to comply with federal regulations that ensure that animals are not victims of extreme cruelty, which includes mutilation, veterinary negligence and the abandonment of animals on farms (a frequent complaint). This reform also mandates that all farm animals be stunned prior to slaughter which will directly affect 200 million animals in the state of Jalisco alone.

ADDITIONAL IMPACT: In addition to the cruel practices exposed by our investigation, our undercover investigators also observed the presence of minors at slaughterhouses and witnessed them abusing and killing animals. Because of this, a paragraph was included within the initiative that ensures that if minor is directed to commit animal abuse, or that animal abuse is committed in the presence of a minor, the penalty, including its aggravating factors, will be applied to the adults involved in those crimes.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “This is great progress for farmed animals, animals who have never been considered for legal protection in Jalisco. Thanks to Jalisco Without Cruelty, more than 200 million animals killed each year in the State will have more protections” explained Dulce Ramírez, Executive Director of Animal Equality in Mexico.

WHAT COMES NEXT: While this was a tremendous victory for farmed animals in Jalisco, hundreds of millions more in other parts of the world are still suffering without legal protections. Help us continue to create more initiatives like Jalisco Without Cruelty by funding our important investigative work.