Animal Equality’s Work in Latin America

Mexico& Venezuela

According to IZQ Noticias, a Mexican newspaper that just considered Animal Equality one of the most important organizations in Latin America stated; “Animal Equality is characterized by its powerful investigations, and inspires people in order to promote changes in society and laws in favor for the animals.”

This is wonderful news as it adds to the recognition we received last December by Animal Charity Evaluators who considered Animal Equality a top charity – one of the three most effective animal charities in the world!

Here is some of the most important work we are carrying out in Latin America:


Our investigators are working in Mexico and Venezuela at this very moment, putting themselves at risk, to expose the cruelties behind abusive animal facilities.

Street Screenings

In Guadalajara, for example, Animal Equality is continuing to work with the campaign #DescubrirLaComida (Discover The Food) – an innovative educational project that inspiring people on the streets and online to try vegetarian. Every weekend in Guadalajara, Tijuana and Mexico City (Distrito Federal), the street screenings allow people to become aware of animal cruelty. Online, 6,963 people have pledged to try vegetarian.


Leafleting is another very effective way to educate people. Throughout Mexico City, Caracas, Tijuana, and Guadalajara we have animal activists deliver thousands of guides that provide information on how and why we should help animals. Information is power for change! The more people are informed on the cruelties these animals face, the more likely they will be willing to help. This year, over 15,000 leaflets have been handed out already!


Over the years, we have developed a fantastic relationship with the media. Thanks to that and our work, Animal Equality is appearing in Latin American media weekly with full page stories on animal cruelty in SinEmbargo, Izq Mexicana, and Cronica Jalisco. Check out this weeks story on SinEmbargo!