Animal Equality’s New Office in Brazil Achieves Progress for Hens!

International Meal Company today joined McDonald’s, Burger King and others in committing to end the cruel confinement of hens in Brazil.

International Meal Company today announced a commitment to banning all cages from its egg supply chain in Brazil by 2022. The decision, which will reduce the suffering of hundreds of thousands of birds, is a result of negotiations with Animal Equality and other groups.

International Meal Company is a Brazilian holding company in the foodservice sector that operates more than 380 restaurants in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The company’s restaurant brands include Olive Garden, Carl’s Jr., Viena, Frango Assado, Red Lobster, Wraps, Go Fresh, Brunella, Gino’s and Airports Concepts/Airport Shoppes.

In the last few months, a host of other major food companies, from McDonald’s to Burger King, have also pledged to ban cages from their egg supply chains in Brazil and other markets. While cage-free doesn’t mean cruelty-free, International Meal Company is taking an important step toward improving conditions for animals who suffer tremendously on industrialized farms.

Animal Equality launched its Corporate Outreach Department in September and office in Brazil in October with support from the Open Philanthropy Project. Over the next two years, our corporate outreach team in Brazil, as well as our teams in Mexico, India, Spain, and Italy will be focused on persuading companies to phase out the cruel cages that confine egg-laying hens so extremely they cannot even extend their wings.

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