Animal Equality’s Corporate Outreach Team Achieves Major Milestones For Animals In 2020

Throughout the year, Animal Equality’s Corporate Outreach team works with major food stakeholders to reduce the suffering of chickens used for meat and hens used for eggs. Starting off 2020, we helped secure multiple commitments to The Better Chicken Commitment from top 200 restaurants here in the U.S., as well as abroad, which spares the most extreme abuses for baby birds suffering on factory farms.

Saving Chickens From Cruelty In The U.S.: Here in the United States, we worked with executives at White Castle and Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants, securing animal welfare policies from them and Which Wich that will positively impact approximately one million baby birds per year. Animal Equality works hard to create change for animals at both longstanding and emerging companies — collaborating with historic companies like White Castle, the nation’s first fast-food chain — and others leading the way into the future, like Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants, one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the country.

Our International Outreach Work: Our international team has been busy this year too! Our U.K. outreach staff negotiated with Papa John’s to secure a European-wide policy impacting 700,000 baby chickens every year. In Germany, the fast-casual restaurant chain dean&david announced its commitment to the European Chicken Commitment which will affect approximately 565,000 baby chickens per year after dialogue with Animal Equality.

Protecting Hens Used For Eggs: A number of our outreach staff work to protect hens used for eggs from cruel, filthy, and tiny cages. For example, our outreach team in Italy was able to make a giant step forward for hens used for eggs with the company Metro, a huge grocery store overseas, by getting them to sign a cage-free commitment that the company even decided to make global, impacting 22 countries.

What You Can Do: Of course, the best way to help chickens and other animals raised for meat or for their eggs is simply not to eat them (check out our tasty plant-based recipes and more here at Love Veg)! But online activism, whether it’s sending an email or composing a tweet, may be the most powerful tool we have today. Enter our Animal Protectors program, a group of over 100,000 online advocates for animals who take quick, easy actions once or twice a week, such as sending an email to company executives or posting on social media encouraging folks to do right by animals. Join this inspiring group of animal advocates, which have the potential to positively impact millions of animals currently suffering on factory farms!