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2016: New Year of Animal Equality’s Dedication To Animals

International work using innovation and efficiency.
February 4, 2016 Updated: July 13, 2022

2016 will be a year full of exciting news. Animal Equality will carry out intensive work for the animals in the 8 countries where we operate. Strengthening the international character of the organization, our teams will implement projects focused on innovation and efficiency.

Our goal is to save the greatest amount of animals, that’s why our work is focused on farm animals. The meat, milk, and egg industries are turning the lives of millions of animals into living nightmares.

We are happy to share 4 areas of the impressive work Animal Equality will undertake internationally in 2016.

Although we cannot include all of the latest news and surprises for 2016, we were so excited for what we plan to accomplish this year we just had to share! We couldn’t wait any longer!

1. Investigations

Investigations are the hallmark of Animal Equality. Our international investigation team shows the world what the meat, milk, and egg industries are hiding from us. These industries are the largest cause of animal abuse in history.

We will present new and shocking investigations in all of the eight countries in which we operate. Millions of people will get the opportunity to take a look into a reality that would otherwise remain unknown.

2. 360 Virtual Reality Project: iAnimal 

We will launch the 360 virtual reality project, iAnimal, introducing a revolutionary means in animal protection. With the 360-degree immersive experience, viewers will be transported into a whole new world and get to have a unique perspective into the lives of these animals.

3. Online Work Worldwide

We will launch our brand new website in 8 countries. The new site will help us share all of the amazing things we are doing for the animals and give a better insight into our organization as a whole.

We will also launch the LoveVeg website in different languages. This will be a platform that will help thousands of people around the world to replace the meat in their diet. It will be full of fantastic resources so that more people join the millions who are already deciding to help animals every time they sit down to eat.

In addition, our Discover Food project, whose pilot experience has been a great success in Mexico, will have new web pages in multiple languages. This site tells us where our food comes from, shining a light on what the food companies have been hiding from us.

4. College Campus Outreach

And, of course, we will continue our work handing out guides on college campuses to promote a healthy and compassionate diet. Before hitting the schools, we will improve our current guide by taking into account what we have learned from analyzing our previous years’ success.

Universities are where the future is created, and because of that, we will strengthen our presence there by inviting thousands of students to experience our 360 virtual reality video. The past has shown us how committed young people are to helping the animals!

What do you think? What an adventure, right? Our international teams couldn’t be more excited for 2016. We are confident that we will achieve great things for animals!

To continue saving more and more lives, we need to fund our work. The animals need you on their side. How about making a donation that will save dozens of animals from falling into the hands of the cruel industries that horribly mistreat them? However small, every contribution helps!

Thank you from the entire Animal Equality team!

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