Animal Equality President Speaks at Harvard Law School

As part of Animal Law Week, Sharon Nuñez discusses defending animals around the world in a talk at Harvard Law School.

Animal Equality’s co-founder and president, Sharon Nunez, joined Harvard Law School students at this year’s Animal Law Week. As an organization working hard across eight countries, Animal Equality wanted to share our strategic approach. We aimed to share the situation of animals in the countries we work in and what we are doing to help them.

Currently, more than 56 billion farmed animals are raised and killed for food every year – and this figure doesn’t even include fish. While more than 94% of farmed animals killed for American consumers are chickens!

A disparity exists between the number of farmed animals killed each year and the number of resources available to help them. More donations are given to animals killed in shelters, for fashion, and in labs. However, farmed animals suffer at staggeringly higher rates than these animals.

Animal Equality is an Effective Altruist organization, so our goal is to assure each and every person who supports our work, staff, volunteers, and donors, to be assured that we are doing as much as we can to reduce as much suffering as possible.