Animal Equality Exposes the Cruelty of the Turkey Industry

Nearly 245 million turkeys are killed every year in the United States, 45 million for Thanksgiving alone.

The images filmed by Animal Equality investigators in hatcheries, factory farms and slaughterhouses in Spain depict the cruelties that are the norm in the meat industry in the United States. In the hatcheries, the birds who do not meet the standards required by the industry are discarded alive along with the eggshells. They will die in the trash containers, crushed soon after seeing the world for the first time.

The rest will be mutilated, the tip of their beaks burned to reduce cannibalism induced by the intense stress they will endure in the farms.

Because the birds are genetically selected to grow as much as they can in the shortest possible time, their legs cannot support the weight of their bodies, which causes painful injuries. The tremendous strain on their hearts causes almost a million a year to die from heart attacks in US farms. Another million turkeys are unintentionally boiled alive every year in slaughterhouses, where fast-moving lines often fail to kill the birds before they are dropped into the scalding tank.

Factory farming is responsible for animal abuse on a massive scale. Advocating against this cruelty, Animal Equality urges consumers to replace meat with nutritious and delicious plant-based alternatives.

Please watch and share the video to help put an end to this cruelty.