Activists Trying to Save Animals at Testing Facility in Chandler

The controversial animal testing facility in Chandler is closing its doors. Covance announced plans May 2 to shut down their laboratory that’s been open since 2009.

“Animal advocates across the country are cautiously pleased that the Covance facility is shutting down,” said animal rights activist Cathy Lasusa. The company announced a restructuring in their first-quarter reports, which includes shutting down the Chandler facility, saving $20 million a year.

While cutting costs was Covance’s top priority, activists say their concern now is what will happen to the hundreds of animals tested at the laboratory. In situations like this, animals are either killed, sold to other laboratories, or transferred to other Covance facilities to be tested.

“We want to make sure the animals at the Chandler facility know what it’s like to be an animal,” said Lasusa.

Activists said they plan to reach out to Covance this week to talk about saving the animals tested at the facility.

Covance has still not responded to the activist’s request.