7 Effective Ways To Help Farm Animals

Because if we don't help them, who will?

If we talk about animal abuse, there are no other animals suffering more than those in farms. To supply meat, milk, and eggs to humanity, factory farming turns the lives of animals into a real nightmare.

The solidarity with animals by showing compassion towards their suffering is becoming a growing movement of our time. International surveys show how millions of people, with a particular impact on new generations, are changing their habits to speak up and assist victims of the livestock industry.

Here we provide seven ways to help our fellow inhabitants of the earth, because their life is as important to them as our own is to us. We hope that you decide to join us. Animals need you on their side!

1. Substituting chicken meat in your diet with plant-based alternatives

Chickens are the most consumed animals worldwide. The meat industry turns the lives of these fragile animals into a true horror story. They live crammed inside huge factory farms where they never see the sunlight. They desperately need us on their side.

2. Substituting beef in your diet with plant-based alternatives

Besides causing an enormous amount of suffering for the cows, the dairy industry keeps another dark secret hidden from the general public. All babies born in this industry are separated from their mothers within hours after birth. Because mother cows are used until their bodies can no longer take the pressure, this heartbreaking separation occurs throughout their lifetime. To make matters worse, most male babies will go straight to the inhumane veal or beef industry. These babies are the ones you see in the supermarket.

3. Replacing pork in your diet with plant-based alternatives

Did you know that scientific studies have shown that a pig is as intelligent as a 3-year-old child? In fact, these animals’ intelligence competes with those of dolphins, chimpanzees, and elephants. They are very sensitive beings that have the ability to develop emotional ties with us as quickly as our dogs and cats at home.

4. Substituting all meat and fish in your diet

Because obviously, once you realized that animals are our friends if we allow them to be, it is hard to stop eating just some of them. All of them have the desire to live. Gradually, people who are against animal abuse will make the connection between one form of abuse and another. Eating meatless is essentially filling our shopping cart with some products rather than others.

5. Being an active contributor to animal protection organizations in social networks

Thanks to those who sign petitions, share posts with animal protection messages, and pass along projects and campaigns, the defense toward animals can reach very far. Today, social networks are as important in reaching society as the media. Every time you share, it makes a difference!

6. Donating to animal protection organizations whose work focuses on farm animals

It’s important to remember that these animals are living in greater numbers in extreme conditions and die in horrific slaughterhouses. Factory farming makes more and more animals come into existence for the sole purpose of becoming a product. No animal deserves an entire existence of pain and suffering. Animal Equality is an organization focused on defending these animals. If you would like to make a contribution, you can do so here.










7. if you are vegetarian or vegan

Make sure that you are friendly to those that aren’t, and try not to judge others by their way of eating. Remember that very few have been vegetarian all of their life. You were most likely in their shoes at some point, too. The way you interact and communicate should encourage others to be interested in your values and what you have to say on the issue. Don’t be arrogant or use aggressive speeches; that’s the last thing the animals need. Do not lose focus on the true goal. You are an ambassador for the animals.