4 Shocking Investigation Photos Taken by Animal Equality

Animal Equality's investigations have revealed the heartbreaking truth of what animals have to endure in factory farms or when abused by humans. Here are 4 photos from past investigations that will shock you!

Animal Equality has done a number of groundbreaking investigations that have shocked the public. Our investigations have brought awareness to the inhumane practices that occur behind closed doors. While these images are graphic, they display the heartbreaking truth that many animals face.

1. Pigs on factory farms 

These pigs at Harling Farm in Norfolk have experienced a tremendous amount of pain. They are kept in unsanitary conditions, abused, and ultimately, treated like waste – as the picture shows.

2. Chicken Hatcheries 

This photo says it all. In Chicken hatcheries, chicks are abused during vaccination. The reason they are vaccinated is to prevent from getting ill since they will have to endure horrible conditions; however, based on the photo, they are suffering. According to Counting Animals, 139 million chickens are killed before they make it to the slaughterhouse.

3. Rabbit Farms 

This photo reveals the sick realities animals face in Spain on rabbit farms. This poor creature – which is unrecognizable – was physically abused and skinned alive, left to suffer.

4. Dog Meat Trade in China

In China, dogs and cats are gruesomely killed for food and clothing – all for profit.  Here, an innocent dog is being skinned alive; he’s helpless!