Hawaii Residents: Take Action!
Help Hens in Your State

The Hawaii state legislature is currently considering legislation to improve the lives of hens in the egg industry. SB 346 would implement critical minimum standards for housing these sensitive, emotionally complex animals. Specifically, the bill would prohibit the extreme overcrowding that is currently common in the egg industry and would also outlaw the use of cruel cages. This legislation would also ensure that eggs sold in Hawaii come from operations that meet these modest standards, no matter where they are produced.

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“Despite anti-cruelty laws, a hen raised for her eggs in Hawaii can be legally confined for her entire life in a crowded barren cage. To confine a dog or cat this way would be animal abuse, yet hens are exempt from these basic legal protections. That is why we need legislation like SB 346 to make this cruel confinement of hens illegal in Hawaii once and for all.”

Sarah Hanneken
Legal Advocacy Counsel, Animal Equality