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Ivy League Future of Food Conference

Ivy League Future of Food Conference is an annual professional conference on plant-based diets and bioethics featuring renowned leaders from across the disciplines, and the 2018 conference at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) will be the largest, most feature-packed IVY FFC yet. The conference is open to the general public. The presenters represent a variety of fields including medicine, climatology, policy, industry, finance, and consulting. The Ivy FFC sessions emphasize innovation, self-critique, and re-examination of a plant-based diet as an elegant solution to a host of pressing issues in an increasingly global community.

This year’s conference features an all-new, reinvented experience that includes complete meals, snacks/beverages, vegan haute cuisine, remarkable venues, globally renowned speakers, novel content in business & finance, professional staff to aid and support you during your time at the conference.

Purchase tickets here at the early-bird price of $99. Last-minute ticket buyers will pay $199.

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October 12 - October 14


3:00 pm

University of Pennsylvania - Irvine Auditorium

3401 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA

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