Denny’s and the extreme cruelty against pigs

Denny’s, an American diner-style restaurant chain known for always being open, promised to end the use of crates for pregnant mother pigs in 2012. Instead of fulfilling its commitment, Denny’s has reported little progress in removing and reducing gestation crates from their supply chain, and now only agrees to work toward a 50% goal by 2028 to stop forcing pregnant pigs to be locked in crates that are barely bigger than their own bodies.

Confining a pig to a cage for an entire pregnancy is illegal in 11 U.S. states, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., and Sweden. It is being phased out in Canada and Brazil.

Dozens of major companies, including restaurants, hotel chains, and grocery stores, have eliminated or are in the process of eliminating the use of gestation crates. It’s time for Denny’s to do the same.

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Kelli Valade

Denny’s Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Coveney

Board member of the Denny’s Franchise Association and Chair of its Strategic Supply Chain Committee

Carl Ferland

Board member of the Denny’s Franchise Association and on the Strategic Supply Chain Committee

These companies have committed to banning cages for mother pigs

Gestation crates for pigs are a real problem…
Basically, you’re asking a sow to live in an airline seat…
I think it’s something that needs to be phased out.

Temple Grandin

[T]he close confinement of sows in stalls or tethers is one of the most extreme examples of cruelty to an animal. It continues throughout much of life and is much worse than severely beating an animal or most laboratory experiments.

Donald M. Broom

Confinement of sows during pregnancy, especially in individual stalls or on tethers, can be cold, uncomfortable and injurious, and imposes severe restrictions on natural behaviour.

John Webster

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