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Duck abused for the production of foie gras.

Portland: Ban foie gras!

Portland (Oregon) is known for its progressive policies, but sadly still allows the sale of products from force-fed birds. We’re changing that by gathering local support and lobbying legislators to endorse a foie gras ban and end this form of animal abuse.

If you live in Portland, ducks and geese need your help

After drafting legislation to ban the sale of foie gras, our legal team, led by Portland resident and legal counsel Sarah Hanneken, adopted a comprehensive strategy to ensure all local stakeholders were engaged in our campaign.

We’re reaching out directly to elected officials and lawmakers, and we’ve spoken with policy advisors for all four Portland Commissioners and contacted the mayor.

Your action is needed to show public support for this urgent issue.

1. Speak Up

The best way to help is to speak at a Portland City Council meeting.

This can be done by signing up for Communication (a 3-minute time slot to discuss any issue you choose).

It’s simple: click the button below to sign up, select the upcoming dates you are available, and provide the information requested.

This is an incredibly important step to keep the issue front-of-mind for the Commissioners. We are happy to send along talking points to help you.

2. Make a call

Calls are the most persuasive at-home action you can take! If you’re a Portland resident, please make polite calls to the following City Commissioners to urge them to support a ban on the sale of force-fed foie gras in Portland:

Commissioner Joann Hardesty: (503) 823-4151
Commissioner Mingus Mapps: (503) 823-4682
Commissioner Carmen Rubio: (503) 823-3008
Commissioner Dan Ryan: (503) 823-3589

Sample script:

“Hello, I am a Portland resident calling to urge Commissioner NAME to support a local ordinance banning the sale of force-fed foie gras in the City of Portland.

Such a ban would only impact a very small number of restaurants and retailers, and yet it would spare the lives of thousands of factory-farmed birds every year.

This issue is extremely important to me, so I would ask the Commissioner to prioritize it.”

After you call, remember to also email and tweet at the City Council members if you haven’t already!

3. Send an email

Send a personalized email to let the Portland City Commissioners know that banning the sale of foie gras is a priority for you.

You can use our provided text for your message, but remember, customized emails carry more weight. So try to personalize it!

4. Send a Tweet

Let the Portland City Council know that banning the sale of foie gras is a priority for you! Four of the five Council members use Twitter, a great way to reach out to them directly (and publicly!). Send each one a personalized tweet:

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty: @JoAnnPDX
Commissioner Carmen Rubio: @CommRubio
Commissioner Dan Ryan: @DanRyanPDX
Mayor Ted Wheeler: @TedWheeler

You can use the sample text below for your tweet, but remember, customized messages carry more weight. So try to personalize yours!

@NAME I just heard the City Council may be considering a ban on the sale of foie gras from force-fed birds. As a PDX resident, I strongly support this effort! I hope you will help move this ban forward.

5. Send a Letter to the Editor

The news media has been called the “fourth branch of the government” for good reasons: It plays a vital role in the democratic process.

Media coverage both shapes and reflects residents’ priorities. When an issue gets press, it automatically sends the message that it’s important and deserves attention.

By convincing local Portland newspapers to cover the proposed foie gras ban, we can demonstrate the issue’s importance to the City Commissioners and gain further support among residents. We are contacting The Oregonian—Portland’s largest newspaper.

Please write a short letter (less than 250 words) expressing your desire to see a ban on the sale of foie gras in Portland. Then, submit your letter for consideration below and follow the instructions.