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Animal Equality India AE India
Celebrating Twelve Years of Animal Protection in India
October 6, 2023

Explore the remarkable journey of Amruta Ubale and her team, who helped lead the charge for animal protection in India twelve years ago through dedicated animal advocacy.

Piglet outside on farm Piglet outside on farm
Hear From Dedicated Supporters Like You: Jason Dmuchowski
September 27, 2023

Our devoted supporters serve as the beating heart of Animal Equality, infusing our mission with passion and purpose to end the suffering of farmed animals. In this Q&A session, we delve into the journey of Jason Dmuchowski, one of our compassionate supporters, as he shares his commitment to our cause.

Cow in field Cow in field
Hear From Dedicated Supporters Like You: Meet Cate Fritz
September 21, 2023

Animal Equality’s supporters are at the heart of mission to protect animals on factory farms and end their cruelty. In this Q&A with a dedicated supporter you’ll hear more about Cate Fritz’s journey to joining our fight for animals.

Mexico Anniversary Mexico Anniversary
Animal Equality in Mexico: 11 Years of Defending Animals
September 12, 2023

It began with a spark of compassion, but it ignited a movement that would forever change a nation. Eleven years ago today, Animal Equality in Mexico began its journey toward a brighter future for animals.

Calf on factory farm Calf on factory farm
Is Dairy Vegan? 
August 22, 2023

With veganism and plant-based food products on the rise, many people are left questioning what foods are safe for vegans to eat…

Pig covered in blood in factory farm
Shocking Practices Pigs Endure on Factory Farms
August 14, 2023

Discover the cruelty uncovered by Animal Equality's global investigations.

Sharon in a open rescue Sharon Núñez, President of Animal Equality, rescuing a hen from an egg farm
The Right to Live Without Suffering: Saving Animals With Open Rescue
August 9, 2023

Open rescues save animals from a live of pain and suffering. This movement reflects the idea that all animals, regardless of their species, deserve a life without cruelty and exploitation.

Chickens in a factory farm located in Spain Chickens in a factory farm located in Spain
Cultivated Meat: A Sustainable Revolution in Food Production
July 24, 2023

Every year around the world, approximately 72 billion land animals are killed for food. But now, a new product is hitting the market that could significantly reduce this number and offer a more ethical and sustainable alternative.

Javier Moreno Urges Senate to Ban Cages for Over 300 Million Animals in the EU
Animal Equality Urges Senate to Ban Cages for EU Animals
July 19, 2023

Javier Moreno, Co-founder and Communications Director of Animal Equality in Spain, spoke about the urgency of banning cages for animals, like pigs and hens, and the work of Animal Equality to denounce this cruel factory farming practice.

Animal Equality’s Sean Thomas Is Asking You to Be an Animal Hero
June 28, 2023

International Director of Investigations Sean Thomas has a powerful message about how your support can directly impact animals through investigations.