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Animal Equality hosts global protests on Animal Rights Day

Animal Equality orchestrated worldwide protests for Animal Rights Day 2023, spotlighting the cruelty in the meat, dairy, and egg industries. Across cities like Milan, Madrid, and São Paulo, the demonstrations commemorated billions of lives lost to factory farming each year.

Since 1998, International Animal Rights Day has memorialized the billions of animals lost to factory farming each year. This year, in honor of Animal Rights Day 2023, Animal Equality orchestrated a series of protests across cities worldwide. 

Spanning Milan, Madrid, São Paulo, and more, these demonstrations highlighted rampant cruelty in the global meat, dairy, and egg industries. 

2023 Animal Rights Day in Madrid, Spain

They included:

  • Mexico: Protesters gathered in the city of Guadalajara with posters of suffering animals. Industry instruments used to mutilate and abuse farmed animals were placed in display cases. Activists passed out flyers as Animal Equality’s Vice President of Latin America gave a speech. Those who couldn’t join the protest took online actions against animal abuse.  
  • Brazil: Animal protectors met at São Paulo’s most iconic avenue with banners, leaflets, and posters with images from Animal Equality’s investigations. Meanwhile, a van equipped with loudspeakers and a TV showcased investigative video footage.
  • Spain: Advocates gathered for a protest in Madrid’s central square, where Animal Equality’s co-founder, Javier Moreno, gave a speech about farmed animal cruelty. Protesters held a large banner that read “Rights for Animals.” Instruments used to mutilate, castrate, and force-feed animals were on display. 
  • Italy: Over 100 protesters converged in Milan for a demonstration, complete with photos from Animal Equality’s investigations and industry instruments.

Defending Animals Since 2008

Animal Equality in Spain has been commemorating Animal Rights Day since its founding in 2008. Early demonstrations featured advocates holding lifeless animals–such as piglets, chickens, and rabbits–-who died at the hands of the factory farming industry. 

This strategy has been replicated by other animal protection groups, sparking global conversations about animal cruelty. Since 2008, Animal Equality has drawn in global activists for Animal Rights Day demonstrations in London, Madrid, São Paolo, and other cities. 

How You Can Join the Movement

As demonstrations span the globe, you can take action for Animal Rights Day in your city, your local grocery store, or even your own home. 

  1. Support Animal Equality’s work. By donating to Animal Equality today, you could support international protests against animal abuse. Your support could even fund factory farming investigations, reshape legislation for animals, or secure corporate policies to end the industry’s worst abuses.  
Spain Pig Farm


Help fund Animal Equality’s work to expose and end animal cruelty. Protect cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals today!

  1. Choose a plant-based meal. Choosing plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs is the most effective way to alleviate animal suffering. Plant proteins aren’t just wholesome, hearty, and sustainable; they’re also part of a well-rounded lifestyle rooted in compassion. Love Veg is extending an invitation to join this mission for Animal Rights Day. Celebrate by discovering how delicious and satisfying animal protection can be!
Calf in a dairy farm


 A cow’s maternal instincts foster a gentle bond with her vulnerable calf.

Preserve this tender relationship by choosing plant‑based alternatives to dairy products.

  1. Harness social media. 
    Using online platforms is a powerful and simple way to make an impact. Spread the word about animal cruelty by sharing Animal Equality’s videos, blogs, and social media posts. You can also take a stand against cruel corporations by unfollowing them or speaking out against them on social media.
  1. Send your legislators a message.

Your local government has the power to create laws for animals. By signing Animal Equality’s petitions to end force-feeding, stop the export of horses for slaughter, or even ban factory farming entirely, you can make your voice heard. 

  1. Demand corporate responsibility. 

By sending emails to executives, commenting on corporations’ social media accounts, and calling restaurant chains like Denny’s, you can demand better welfare commitments for animals trapped in their supply chains. If you’re looking to take this commitment a step further, you can even host your own protest against Denny’s or ALDI.

Finally, make a difference in your community by asking your local supermarkets, restaurants, and coffee shops for more plant-based options. By voicing your demand for compassionate options, you’ll inspire others to give plant-based foods a try!