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Hear From Dedicated Supporters Like You: Meet Cate Fritz

Animal Equality’s supporters are at the heart of mission to protect animals on factory farms and end their cruelty. In this Q&A with a dedicated supporter you’ll hear more about Cate Fritz’s journey to joining our fight for animals.

Meet Cate Fritz, a dedicated supporter of Animal Equality, as she shares her inspiring journey and what led her to first discover the critical issues within factory farming.

1. When did you first become aware of factory farming issues?

I first became aware of factory farming in my twenties. I grew up in upstate New York and I remember seeing baby cows tied to these small round huts on farms. I didn’t understand why they weren’t with their mothers so I started researching farms, animals on farms and factory farming. 

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2. What farmed animal do you connect with the most?

That’s an incredibly difficult question to answer. I connect with all of them. Honestly, every time I go to a farm I go to all of the animals, pet them and try to convey that I care about them. 

3. Do you have any companion animals?

I do have a companion animal. I have a dog named Remy. He’s my baby. I do not have children but I love him in the same way that I would a child. 

4. What inspires you to be a dedicated supporter of Animal Equality and how has it made a difference in your connection to our cause?

I get inspired by signing petitions and seeing laws passed because of the human movement to protect animals. I also get inspired by researching animal sanctuaries across the U.S. and seeing the work that they do. My goal is to open an animal sanctuary in western Virginia and seeing other people’s accomplishments [for animals] truly inspires me.

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Join Our Monthly Heroes

Thanks to dedicated supporters like Cate, we can shed light on the cruelest practices within factory farming, like extreme confinement in cages and brutal mutilations. Your ongoing support can be crucial in helping us end this cruelty quicker. Take action and become an animal hero today.

There are more ways you can contribute to improving the lives of animals trapped in factory farms!

Individuals worldwide are creating change through their daily food choices. By substituting meat, dairy, and eggs with plant-based alternatives, they’re sending a resounding message: animals deserve a world where they are respected and protected.

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 A cow’s maternal instincts foster a gentle bond with her vulnerable calf.

Preserve this tender relationship by choosing plant‑based alternatives to dairy products.

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