Animal Equality’s Sean Thomas Is Asking You to Be an Animal Hero

International Director of Investigations Sean Thomas has a powerful message about how your support can directly impact animals through investigations.

Animal Equality’s investigations are at the heart of our mission to protect farmed animals. Our investigators have been working tirelessly since our founding in 2006, filming inside more than 820 factory farms and slaughterhouses across 153 countries. 

Sean has been conducting investigations for 26 years using his undercover findings as a powerful tool in the fight against the cruel and abusive treatment of animals in factory farming. Our undercover investigators play a crucial role in documenting and exposing the abuse that animals endure in this secretive industry. 

Just this year, Animal Equality has released investigations inside multiple slaughterhouses and factory farms throughout India, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK. We are continuously fighting to break the silence of animal suffering. For example, our innovative use of drone footage has allowed us to investigate UK fish slaughter boats off the coast of Scotland, shining a light on the abusive treatment of fish.

Through our work, we are able to shine a light on the suffering that animals endure and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Our investigations have led to meaningful changes in company policies and government regulations, as well as raised awareness among consumers to choose plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs.

Your support for our undercover investigations plays a crucial role in ending animal abuse worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to double your impact for animals! The Matching Gift Campaign is ending soon, and a generous donor is ready to match your donation. Donate now to help us reach our global goal of $500,000. Thank you for standing with us in this important fight.

Spain Pig Farm


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