Animal Equality’s Dulce Ramírez Is Asking You to Be an Animal Hero

Dulce Ramirez, Animal Equality’s Vice President of Latin America and Executive Director for Animal Equality Mexico, is emphasizing the critical role of donors in the organization's efforts to drive change in animal protection laws in Mexico and around the world.

 Animal Equality’s joint efforts to expose what lies behind the closed doors of factory farms and slaughterhouses have been crucial in driving change globally. In Mexico, the organization has been working tirelessly to uncover the patterns of cruelty in the country’s agricultural industry and empower consumers to choose plant-based foods.

Just this year, our organization launched a campaign urging Congress in the Mexican state of Chiapas to modify its Penal Code and criminalize acts of animal abuse. This initiative follows Animal Equality’s investigation showing the abuse of horses that were slaughtered for their meat in Chiapas, where animal cruelty is not yet considered a crime. If approved, more than 100 million cows, pigs, and other farmed animals will be protected by law.

Our team in Mexico continues its crucial investigations and campaigns to secure constitutional recognition for animals within the country. 

We continue our fight to amend Article 73 of the country’s Constitution to give Congress the authority to issue and uphold animal protection laws throughout the country. Our team presented 100,000 petition signatures to Congress, who passed the initiative. These efforts await final approval approval.

Animal Equality’s work in Mexico is a testament to the power of dedicated supporters, like YOU, in the fight for animal protection. Don’t miss the chance to double your impact for animals! The Matching Gift Campaign is ending soon, and a generous donor is ready to match your donation. Donate now to help us reach our global goal of $500,000. Thank you for standing with our global community of animal activists! 

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