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Banning Foie Gras in the US: Your questions answered

How can foie gras be made illegal in the US? Animal Equality's President Sharon Núñez and Sarah Hanneken, Legal Advocacy Counsel, answer your questions.

Each year millions of ducks and geese suffer at the hands of the foie gras industry and its cruel practice of force-feeding. Because it’s considered an unacceptable practice to most people, it’s been banned in several countries. Currently in the US, it’s illegal only in California and New York City, leaving much work to be done across the country.

Animal Equality is committed to working toward a permanent end to foie gras production in the US, and we’re working strategically with local state legislation to get there. How can you take action in our campaign? President Sharon Núñez and our Legal Advocacy Counsel Sarah Hanneken sat down to discuss our investigative work and answer your most critical questions about how you can make a significant impact for ducks and geese.

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