A Revolting Side Effect of Modern Chickens: Green Meat

A new disgusting side effect of fast-growing birds.

Green muscle disease is an emerging condition that causes a chicken’s breast muscle fibers to turn abnormal shades of green and is usually discovered after people cook and cut into the chicken.

GROWN TOO FAST: In the past 50 years, chickens raised for their meat have quadrupled in size due to selective breeding. Chickens grow to their slaughter weight in just 6 weeks and their legs often struggle to support their own body’s weight. As companies want chickens to grow even faster to maximize their profits, chickens suffer disgusting and painful health consequences as a result. 

BRUISED MUSCLES: Due to selective breeding and rapid growth, the circulation of blood in their bodies is so terrible that it causes the chickens’ muscles to swell and bruise. Their blood vessels rupture, causing their breast muscles to turn unusual shades of pink-to-purple or green-to-tan colored.

OTHER DISEASES: Unfortunately, chickens suffer from painful diseases and sometimes even starve due to being bred to grow so fast. They live in shocking and cruel conditions, which causes extreme levels of pain and stress.

NO PROTECTION: There currently are no federal laws that protect chickens in factory farms. Chickens can’t live out their lives happily or perform actions natural to them. They naturally like to peck, perch, and dust-bathe, but are denied those opportunities because of the extremely abusive conditions in which they are forced to live. 

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Green chicken is gross and unappealing. While the disease is just one example of the disgusting side effects from modern chicken farming, there are many reasons to stop eating chicken. By not consuming chicken, you can make a huge difference for the animals! Just one person who decides to cut chicken from their diet will impact countless animal lives. You might also inspire others to do the same! 

People eating less meat means that less animals will suffer on factory farms. There are so many delicious plant-based meats that you can try and eat instead. 

Please join us and become an Animal Protector to take easy online actions to help improve the lives for millions of animals used for food.

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