Seaspiracy: a Disturbing Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Fishing Industry

Seaspiracy, produced by the makers of popular groundbreaking documentaries Cowspiracy and What the Health, is now available on Netflix.

Seaspiracy exposes the shocking impact that humans have on marine life and the dangerous repercussions that the fishing industry has on human existence. 

Seaspiracy is the result of years of investigations, conducted by director Ali Tabrizi together with executive producer Kip Andersen, known for his documentary Cowspiracy. Seaspiracy was inspired by Tabrizi’s mission to explore the impact of our actions on sea creatures, and he was specifically interested in looking into commercial practices like whaling, considered by many to be unethical and cruel. But the more Tabrizi investigated, the clearer it became that the real culprit for the end of life in the ocean was industrial fishing

The eye-opening documentary reveals the misleading tactics put in place by the powerful fishing industry, and it has already inspired countless people to make a change and go fish-free. Plant-based alternatives are more abundant than ever before, and you can obtain all of the Omega-3s that you need to thrive from vegetable sources, while avoiding the cruelty and the dangerous heavy metals, such as mercury, which are found in fish.

Have you watched Seaspiracy yet? Let us know what you think! 


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