International Animal Rights Day: Activists Memorialize Animals Exploited and Killed

Today is International Animal Rights Day. To commemorate the day each year, activists all over the world join together to raise awareness about animals who are the victims of exploitation as well as to pay homage to the billions of animals killed by humans each year.

Animal Equality is a big part of the international day, organizing large demonstrations, oftentimes involving photographs or the actual bodies of animals who have been killed as a result of human exploitation.

Memorializing and respecting the animals’ bodies in this way helps consumers make the connection between the deceased animals they witness at the demonstration and the animal parts on their plates.

The majority of the animals’ bodies honored in these demonstrations are obtained from farms where they died as a result of the nightmarish conditions they were forced to live in.

Over the weekend Animal Equality held massive demonstrations that took place in São Paolo, Brazil and Madrid, Spain.

Animal Equality’s mission is to create a world in which all animals are respected and protected. All species have the ability to feel pain and to suffer, and “animal rights” simply means that everyone deserves to live free from exploitation.

If you care about animals, the best way to help them is by refusing to eat their bodies, their milk, or eggs.

Please, try plant-based today.