Chicken Industry Cruelty Through A Camera Lens

Our brave investigators have one mission: exposing animal cruelty. They go to great lengths to ensure that innocent animals are given a voice. These investigators document the shocking yet standard industry practices on factory farms by going undercover.

Since our founding in 2006, Animal Equality investigators have filmed inside more than 700 factory farms and slaughterhouses across 13 countries. The footage we have obtained has helped launch several major campaigns that have changed the world for animals.

Here are some of Animal Equality’s investigations inside the chicken industry:

Ladywath Farm – Moy Park (UK)

Chicken farms are often packed with tens of thousands of birds. They have very little room to move or carry out any natural behaviors.

Evenley Farm – Faccenda (UK)

Chickens used for meat are routinely bred to become so large so fast that their developing legs and organs cannot keep up. These abnormally large birds pictured are just weeks old.

Pimlico Farm – Faccenda (UK)

The baby chickens often struggle to breathe because of how they are bred and from living on the ammonia-laden substrate due to excess urine and feces.

Chicken farms and slaughterhouses in Italy

Many do not survive and we often find the dead among the living.

Wiesenhof and Rothkötter Suppliers (Germany)

The unnaturally dark and dirty conditions inside chicken farms are no place for a sentient living being.

Other chicken industry investigations:

No matter the farm nor the country, we see the same cruel practices and abuses.

Our brave investigators do the dirty work to uncover the hidden truths behind the food industries. What happens next depends on all of us. We can help prevent these horrific abuses and the death of many animals by opting for plant-based alternatives.

We can also help to improve the lives of future animals born into these horrid industries by convincing companies to adopt higher welfare standards. Over 200 brands have already signed on to the Better Chicken Commitment, which calls for using higher-welfare breeds, providing more space for the chickens, having a cleaner and more natural environment, and using a less cruel slaughter method. McDonald’s is one company refusing to make this pledge and they continue to fall behind their competitors (like Burger King and Subway) who have already agreed to the policy. Their commitment alone would impact hundreds of millions of chickens and help set a minimum standard for companies alike around the world.

Sign our petition today letting McDonald’s know that you want them to address the animal cruelty in their supply chain!