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Foie Gras is falling off menus at UK restaurants

A second restaurant has taken foie gras off its menu in the UK as a result of Animal Equality’s #FoieGrasFreeGB campaign.

The Southbank Centre’s Skylon restaurant at the Royal Festival Hall followed in the footsteps of Tate Modern, which made the same compassionate choice last week.Foie gras is a “delicacy” made from the diseased livers of ducks or geese who have been repeatedly force-fed. Animal Equality has documented the suffering birds endure on more than a dozen Spanish and French farms. Almost 80% of respondents to a recent YouGov poll support a UK ban on imports.However, even with such strong public support for a ban, the UK imports close to 200 tons of foie gras every year, for sale at a minority of UK restaurants, delis and bars.Actor Thandie Newton, who supports the campaign, said: “The law should reflect that if it’s too cruel to produce here, we shouldn’t welcome cruelty from elsewhere.”She is joined by comedian Ricky Gervais, naturalists Chris Packham and Bill Oddie, and actors Dev Patel, Evanna Lynch, Joanna Lumley, Steven Berkoff and Peter Egan, in supporting Animal Equality’s campaign.Last month, Peter Egan joined campaigners outside the Tate Modern in central London, to demand that it takes foie gras off the Christmas menu. The demonstration coincided with the our release of footage filmed on a public tour of a foie gras farm in France.Animal Equality will continue to call on restaurants to take action and impose their own ban on foie gras. You can show your support for a US foie gras ban by signing our petition today!