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Incredible Night for Animals at the Inspiring Global Action Gala

More than 200 guests attended the annual Animal Equality Inspiring Global Action Gala at the iconic Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Celebrities and animal advocates came out to support and celebrate the accomplishments Animal Equality has achieved for animals in 2018. Those contributing to the nights success were our incredible hosts, Evanna Lynch and Moby, adding inspiring words and cracking jokes right from the start. This night also honored those helping animals through their own voice, makeup line, vegan restaurant and events, and plant-based company. The Animal Hero award was given to Kat Von D for all of her accomplishments for animals, which includes her cruelty-free makeup brand, Kat Von D Beauty. Nic Adler, who owns Monty’s Good Burger in Los Angeles and started the Eat Drink Vegan Festival (aka “Vegan Coachella”), won the Vegan Trailblazer Award for helping make veganism mainstream. Ethan Brown of Beyond Meat accepted the Compassionate Company Award as Beyond Meat’s plant-based products have been widely popular, saving countless animals from a life of pain and suffering.

In a video that played before she accepted the Animal Hero Award, Kat said, ‘for me I wake up every single minute thinking in which way can I be a vehicle to help others see what I’ve seen and change the way we treat animals.’ Other known attendees included four-time NBA champion John Salley, actress Harley Quinn Smith, sister duo Kate and Rooney Mara, film and music producer Lou Adler, (who presented the Vegan Trailblazer award to his son Nic Adler), musician Toby Morse, athlete Tia Blanco, and power couple Daisy Fuentes and Richard Marx. Thank you to our sponsors, Kat Von D, Beyond Meat, Miyoko’s, Follow Your Heart, and Faucet Face. Find more photos from the night on our Flickr account below: Animal Equality Inspiring Global Action Gala - Inside

Los Angeles