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Animal Equality Activists Gather to Memorialize the Victims of Animal Exploitation

Every year on International Animal Rights Day, Animal Equality activists hold the lifeless bodies of non-human animals to expose the public to the hidden victims of animal exploitation.

This international demonstration, which helps consumers make the connection between the dead animals they are witnessing and the dead animals on their plates, began in Spain. Today, activists all over the world stand in silence where the demonstrations are held, holding the victims of animal exploitation: piglets, hens, chicks, lambs, cats, fishes, rabbits, mice, and others. The majority of these animals are obtained from farms where they die from the extreme conditions they are forced to endure.

In December of last year, over 400 activists participated in Animal Equality’s first International Animal Rights Day demonstration in Brazil. Activists joined together in honoring the individuals who suffer and die in the greatest numbers as a result of animal exploitation.

Animal Equality continues to hold these demonstrations around the world in Germany, England, Spain, and other countries. Other organizations, such as Our Planet, Theirs Too, took notice and began holding d their own demonstrations as well.

Every International Animal Rights Day, Animal Equality organizes this demonstration to remember the faces of the victims of animal cruelty. To be kept informed of these events and to help shine light on the plight of farmed animals, visit