Rhode Island Residents:
Take Action to Ban Foie Gras

Rhode Island lawmakers are currently considering legislation to ban the production and sale of foie gras within the state. Foie gras, which is French for “fatty liver,” is a luxury product typically produced by violently force-feeding ducks or geese so their livers grow ten times the normal size. Force-feeding involves shoving a foot-long tube down the birds’ delicate throats and pumping food directly into their stomachs. The practice is incredibly cruel, and completely unnecessary. SB 471 / HB 5731 would prohibit this practice in Rhode Island and make it illegal to sell force-fed foie gras within the state’s borders.

Use this form to tell key Rhode Island legislators to vote YES on this bill to spare ducks and geese in Rhode Island!

“The production of foie gras involves daily infliction of grotesque violence against helpless birds to create a purely luxury product. This practice is morally indefensible, and Rhode Island law should be updated to reflect this.”

Sarah Hanneken
Legal Advocacy Counsel, Animal Equality