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Let’s Put an End to Massive Male Chick Culling!

Billions of birds face death on the day they are born simply because their lives are not profitable. In the United States, around 260 million male chicks are killed each year. This means around 30,000 freshly hatched chicks every hour.

Why is this happening? Male chicks cannot lay eggs, and they are not the same breed of chicken used for meat. As a result, these baby animals are deemed worthless by the egg industry and are brutally killed, using extremely cruel techniques. 

Unfortunately, all of this is completely legal.

The routine killing of young and healthy animals has long been unacceptable to animal welfare experts, the general public, and animal protection advocates. Egg products whose production involved male chick culling are still marketed to consumers as “humane.” With increasing public knowledge and disapproval, the search for alternatives has been intensified. Worldwide, there are various approaches that can make the killing of male chicks a thing of the past.

Please sign the petition to lend your support to a public ban on chick culling.