Intentional fires, illegal activities, and animal cruelty:
this is the industry that is killing our planet

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Animal agriculture is destroying Brazil's habitats and our planet, and is responsible for the suffering of billions of animals. Animal Equality is petitioning Brazil's National Congress and world leaders to take actions that will hold the Brazilian meat industry accountable for its crimes.

Brazil's animal agriculture industry is not only destroying our planet, but it's also extremely abusive to the animals it exploits.  Sharon Núñez, President and Co-Founder of Animal Equality

This Destruction and Abuse is Unacceptable

Animal Equality and our supporters around the world are petitioning Brazil's Deputies and Senators to take urgent legislative action to address illegal meat production—the main cause of environmental destruction in Brazil—including illegal deforestation and fires in the Amazon and the Pantanal wetlands, as well as significant animal welfare concerns. Currently, the production of meat in Brazil is subsidized with public taxes, and part of the chain that operates illegally also ends up benefiting from it.

This is unacceptable. Our legislative proposal demands that the Congress pass a law to prevent subsidies from going to meat producers that fail to carefully track their supply chains to avoid illegal practices. We believe that this is a common-sense solution to curbing the country's ongoing environmental destruction and disregard for animal welfare related to meat production.



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