What Happens When You Sign a Petition?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you sign a petition? Does someone get notified? Does it really help? We've got answers!

Have you ever wondered what happens when you sign a petition? Does someone get notified? Does it really help?

SIGNATURES CAN SAVE LIVES: Since the founding of Animal Equality in 2006, we have been using petitions to draw attention to injustices to help bring them to an end and create new laws that protect animals. We rely on the signatures of thousands of supporters in our petitions. In 2016, Animal Equality launched our Corporate Outreach and Campaigns department to bring about systemic change for millions of animals when we convince large companies, such as Burger King and Hilton Hotels, to implement higher standards for animals in their supply chains such as banning confinement in cages.

WHAT DO WE DO WITH PETITION SIGNATURES: A large number of signatures on a petition helps us to put even more pressure on a company executive or political authority, as it shows that thousands of people, for example, also believe in the importance of the issue we are challenging. Some petitions, such as those in our Meal Kit Cruelty campaign, will send an email to target employees at the company each time it is signed, putting even more pressure on them to do better for animals.


– Ask McDonald’s to raise their chicken welfare standards at McChickenCruelty.com

– Vote for the worst meal kit for animals and sign the petitions at MealKitCruelty.com

Help stop the killing of dogs and cats in China

Help us put an end to cruel wet markets


Sign up to be part of our online action team, the Animal Protectors, and start helping animals right now, without having to leave the house

Make a monthly or one-time donation

– Follow our social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share our posts

Without your support, our work for animals becomes much harder to achieve. So keep doing your part, because a few seconds of your day could be crucial to the animal protection cause.

Thank you for helping us fight for a more compassionate world!

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